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Detox your body for stress-free mind

Have you heard the story of the seven deadly sins? Of course you have.

Detox after munchies
Gluttony, as represented by the Georg Emanuel Opiz in “Der Völler

We all probably have at least three sins. My favorite one is gluttony, because food is just super good. If I could, i would love to have all the food in the world on my table. Gluttony is the blessing and  the curse of this century.  In some cases, we keep eating even when our bodies are exhausted and by that, it gives us to signal that it had too much. The reason is  we enjoy the effect of taste and therefore it is important to satisfy those receptors without looking at big picture. With thousands of fast food restaurants around, we easily devour ourselves to a need, which can lead for making wrong choices for our body. It is like turning temple into a gas-chamber filled with toxins. So how can we deal with these toxins? We can cope with toxins especially if we try to flush all that garbage through cleansing the body with a detox. The main idea is to balance your body chemicals and to reset it and help it rest for a while.

The main idea is to balance your body chemicals and to reset it and help it rest for a while.

Your body is a machine

Our organs work together in order to form perfect machinery. Our brain is connected with liver, kidneys, and heart, which makes us on of the greatest machines ever created. Most of these organs have their own way of dealing with waste and toxins. Circulatory system can flush out carbon dioxide from the body and digestive system helps you get rid of undigested and unwanted food that could cause damage if it stays there. Problem is that environment is polluted, waters are polluted, and the food is polluted. That means that we really cannot escape the circle of toxins, but still, we can change our eating habits and lifestyle according to this particular knowledge. Detoxification is one of the steps towards changing. Detox is widely recognized and popular among both experts and health-conscious people. However, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it, we decided to present you all relevant details of how your clean body affects your brain and how relieves you from additional stress.

What is Detox?

Detox is the process of flushing all chemicals and toxins that we have in our bodies such as cancer-causing chemicals, environmental pollutants, pesticides, industrial waste, heavy metals, junk food, and preservatives by following different methods of fasting, exercising, dieting, colon cleansing and avoid certain types of food. It is just like a filtering the body and purifying the blood in order to get the more efficient organism that will be able to fight with issues that could do you harm. If toxins stay in the body, it can affect all cells at once and it could cause fatigue, lack of concentration, sluggishness, bowel problems, and different allergies.

Methods of Detox

So how can you detox? The easiest way to start detoxing is to make small changes in your daily habits and nutrition. When a person is health-conscious, that someone would know how to start cleansing the body. One way to do it,  is simply by starting the day with lemonade with honey. As soon as you wake up, the first thing that you have to drink is this particular cleanser. The idea is to take lukewarm water and add few drops of lemon and spoon of honey. Before drinking, you can stir it and that will easily cleanse your body from within and in the same time, it will provide you mental clarity. You will be refreshed and ready to start the day.

Detoxing with diets

However, cleanse detox diets are the most popular way to cleanse you efficiently. They are basically made to help you get rid of all harmful material and toxins. There is much stuff in the food that we eat such as food colorings, pesticides, flavor enhancers and preservatives. These diets will limit the food intake; especially we talk about processed food that can induce allergies. Most of them are high in fiber and therefore it will help your body burn additional fat, because many toxins are based in the fat cells, and they can be eliminated through urine, blood, feces, and skin. You can also use numerous supplements and nutrients such as Vitamin C, drinking three liters of water on daily basis, go to sauna and frequently exercise for better results.

Benefits of Detox:

Even though, some people still consider detox as a myth; it will still help you reduce the amount of stress and to feel better and more positive. The reason for that is because your body is no longer victim of processed food that contains solid fats and added sugar. This food increases the level of stress, and when you reduce the amount of them, it will make you feel better. There are many befits of detox:

  • It will improve your immune system – When you detox regularly, that will boost your immune system and therefore your entire body will function better and become faster and efficient in solving issues and infections.
  • It prevents you from having diseases and conditions – When you have too many toxins in your body that means that you have the internal environment that is specially made for diseases to improve. Strokes, heart attacks, cancers are the finalized condition that first started in the body that was filled with toxins. When you flush everything harmful from your organism, that will help you minimize the risk.
  • It increases energy – By avoiding different types of food and adding vitamins and herbs to your everyday diet that could easily boost your energy and power. By meditating and exercising you can become even better and improve the quality of life.
  • It improves your skin – When pores on your skin open up that is a great place where toxic elements can easily get out. That will reduce acne, and in the same time it will nourish hair and nails and give your skin natural shine.
  • You will get mental calm and increased focus – We have all heard that mind and body are connected to one another. When you cleanse the body, the mind will follow that perception and you will feel the clarity. It will also bring you more positivity and it will gradually increase concentration.

Feel the difference

Detoxing and cleansing are just parts of changing the way of life.  Cleansing the body is important for the mental and physical performance of your organism. The side-effects of toxicity in your body are the lack of concentration, and mental power when you finish the detox you will feel more energy and better concentration. Give it a shot, try the basics of detoxing, toss that garbage away from your diet for a couple of weeks, and we will guarantee that you will start to feel the difference. 

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