Treat yourself with a softening foot bath

Feeling stressed and for a need of some relaxation? A softening foot bath gives your feet a sweet softening and refreshing pampering moment. A foot bath with caring vegetable oils helps to soften calluses and dry skin. After the foot bath has softened the skin of the feet, dead skin cells can be gently removed with a foot scrub. Usually after a foot bath, some foot cream is rubbed into the skin for more efficient treatment. Berry oils soften the skin and also they can have a cleansing and invigorating effect. Soaking and rubbing the feet gently help the to boost your blood circulation, which relaxes and helps the feet to force better.

Any type of organic foot bath products normally contain vegetable oils and moisturizing formula, such as glycerin. Together with for example berry and fruit oils, the ingredients form a good solution for the skin. Foot detoxification could not be more easy.

How to treat your skin right with a foot bath

Ionic foot bath benefits are softer skin an better feeling of your feet. Ionic foot bath for athletes is a good way for your basic recovery routine.

To get the best results, it is a good idea to bathe your feet regularly, for example once per week. Store the bottle upright and shake the bottle before use. For foot bath products dosing:

Add 2-3 tablespoons of foot bath concentrate into 1 gallon/4 liters of warm water. Soak your feet in a relaxing foot bath for at least 10 minutes. Dry your feet thoroughly. After this, use the foot file to gently rubb the dead skin away of your feet. Finally rub foot cream on them.

A good way for a perfect foot bath is to use products with Spa related foot peeling and cream. The combination of the three products lies in the secret of perfect soft feet!

Foot bath with Spa and Sauna related products is a perfect combination. They are suitable for pampering the feet of both women and men. The warm spices and soft aroma of berry and fruit oils are lightened by fresh nuances of apple and blood orange blossom.

Ionic foot bath

Refreshing ionic foot bath treats, refreshes and soothes tired feet after a long day of work. Making foot salt is quick and easy, and also A more spectacular looking foot salt is obtained when using ionic foot bath colors, that can be added to the salt.

Ionic foot bath contains normally some peeling salt, such as the Dead Sea salt. Epsom salt finds banished pains and swelling and Dead Sea salt is rich in life-giving revitalizing minerals. Spice oils, such as lavender oil bring a soothing feeling to your feet. From the normally used herbs, peppermint itself is the number one spice in pedicure. Peppermint stimulates the nervous system and blood circulation in you feet. Other popular spices and herbs used in ionic foot bath products are menthol and lavender. Ion cleanse helps to revitalize the normal pH of your skin.

Ionic cleanse is a regular process of the skin, that can be boosted with using herbal oils, such as lavender and menthol. Even though magnesium bath does not probably help to get your skin in a better condition, menthol can release some muscle ache.

To put together, ion foot bath is antibacterial, so it’s likely to help your feet to get rid of foot fungus and excessive foot sweatting. Pro tip: To get even more antibacterial result from your ionic foot bath, use lemon or lemongrass essential oil. In addition, tea tree oil is intended for a good purpose. For money savings, antibacterial ion cleanse foot bath can be done with using normal lemon juice as well.

You should also try foot bath for the flu season. Even though some sources say that garlic in a foot bath is effective, it is also an excellent repellent for other people. It expels much more than the flu. Foot salt also dissolves dead skin.

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