Cleaning your body with a detox

Even though it was practiced by centuries by people from all over the world, including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine system, today detoxing has became a worldwide recognized trend. However, if we stop thinking about trends, we can easily say that it detox means that you should nourish, cleanse and rest your body from the inside and out. When you remove all toxins, and in the same time feed body with healthier nutrients, then you can achieve maximum health capabilities that will protect you from diseases.

How does detox function?

The definition of detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing all toxins from blood to liver, where they are processed for elimination. The body also does it through kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin and lymphatic system.

Detoxification program can help your body’s natural processes:

  • It can stimulate the liver in order to drive all toxins out of the body
  • It improves circulation of the blood
  • It eliminates all toxins from kidneys, skin, and intestines
  • It rests your organs
  • It refuels your body by using healthy products and nutrients

When to detox?

It is suggested and advice to do it once a year at least. However, it is not made for children, nursing mothers, and patients with chronic diseases, tuberculosis or cancer. You have to consult your doctor or nutritionist in order to find everything about detox. In today’s environment, there are more toxins than ever. If you have these symptoms you have to clean your body:

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Irritated skin
  • Sluggish elimination
  • Mental confusion
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Allergies

How to start cleaning your body with a detox?

First, you have to eliminate everything that adds toxins in your organisms such as coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, cigarettes and processed fats because all these products are obstacles for the detox process. You also have to eliminate all chemical-based cleaners and health care products and find the organic and natural alternatives. The thing that you have to do in order to reach better health is to reduce the stress. When you are in a harmful or annoying situation, your body immediately releases stress hormones, and they can provide an adrenaline rush that will create a lot of toxins that could slow down the process of detox in the liver. Meditation, Qigong or Yoga are the perfect and most effective ways to relieve stress by resetting mental and physical reactions.

How to choose detox program?

There are many detox recipes and programs that you can use, and everything depends on your individual habits and needs. Most programs have the seven-day schedule in common because that is the approximate time for cleaning the blood. The program involves drinking as many liquids as you can, by carefully planned detox diet that will allow your digestive system to rest for a while. There are many different nutritionists that recommend fresh fruit juices and water as the only product that you can use for seven days.

Best Detox Diets:

  • Simple Fruit and Vegetable Detoxification – There are many people from all around the world that are using vegetables and fruits in order to get rid of harmful toxins. You don’t have to use special diet by restricting food in order to change the body cleansing. You just have eaten as much as you can fruits and vegetables and limit or decline the intake of coffee, cigarettes and processed food with lots of sugars. The idea is to clean you from toxins by adding important nutrients and drinking lots of water and teas.
  • Smoothie Cleanse – This particular detox diet includes only drinking fresh fruit smoothies that act like food when you drink them, which will lead to entire detox. Instead of eating regular meals, you just have to drink the full glass of smoothie from various fruits that you can think of, and in the meantime to drink lots of water. It could be frustrating at the beginning because you can get fatigue, tiredness, and nausea from the change, however, after the first day, everything will be easier.
  • Sugar Detox – This particular detox programs, will help you get rid of cravings for sweets and in the same time, it can help you establish new habits and nourish your body. The idea is to limit sugar intake for 21 days until you get away from the carb cravings and sugar addiction.

How to help your body detoxify faster and more efficient:

When you finish the detox program, it is important to use these food and diet supplements that will help you keep your body clean:

  • You have to eat plenty of fiber, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, brown rice and much more because that way you will detox your digestive system and lose weight.
  • You can clean and protect the liver by taking burdock, dandelion root and milk thistle which is perfect for keeping it healthy.
  • Take lots of vitamin C, because it will help your body produce a liver compound called glutathione that helps you get rid of unnecessary toxins
  • You have to drink at least two liters of water on daily basis.
  • Breathe deeply and allow oxygen to reach your system completely
  • Practice hydrotherapy by having a very hot shower on your back, and then turn on the cold water for half a minute. That will boost the circulation and blood flow.
  • Go in the sauna frequently, because that way you can sweat out the harmful toxins through perspiration
  • Remove toxins from skin and pores by using a dry brush and special brushes that are available in different natural products stores.
  • It is important to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you jump the rope or do yoga, everything is good and you have to do it frequently. The best is to exercise one hour a day because this exercise could boost the cleansing and they also have other health benefits.


We have presented you a thorough guide of cleansing your body with detox methods. The idea is to choose the method that you are capable of doing, and be aware because if you have any chronic disease such as heart problems or diabetes, you have to talk to a doctor before you start with detoxification.

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